Enable scientific discovery and education

Please consider supporting research and education efforts in the Luban Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Funding from governmental agencies is often narrowly restricted in how it may be utilized. The path to discovery in medical research is unpredictable. Your donation would go into an unrestricted fund that would free the innovation potential and creativity of the scientists in our lab.

100% of your gift to the Luban Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School will be put to direct use, enabling exciting discovery research concerning viral infections such as HIV-1/AIDS, Ebola virus, Zika virus, diabetes and cancer, and stem cell and gene therapies.

To make a donation on-line, please click here:
Go to the drop down menu “I wish to donate to:” and select “other”.
Then, in the text box below that says, “specific details for other”, please write “Luban Lab”

Credit card donations can be made by phone. Please call 508-856-5615 (8am to 5pm EST) and indicate to the staff that the donation is to be deposited for “Luban Lab”.

If you prefer to write a check, make the check payable to “UMMF-Luban Lab”.
Checks may be mailed to:

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Office of Advancement
333 South Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545